米タイム誌 2023年の次世代の100人を発表


米タイム誌 2023年の次世代の100人を発表


Introducing the 2023 TIME100 Next

TIME誌は、2023年9月13日8時06分EDT(米東部時間):日本時間同日21時06分JST、『Introducing the 2023 TIME100 Next(タイム次世代の100人)』を発表した。



五ノ井里奈 Rina Gonoi|ADVOCATES

Japan officially lives in the Reiwa era, which means “order and harmony.” But Rina Gonoi may have broken that “order and harmony” for good—in more ways than one—when she became an advocate against sexual abuse. Rina’s dream as a child was to serve in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces following her rescue by female soldiers after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

That dream turned into a nightmare when she experienced sexual violence while serving, and then struggled to report the violence in an institution where more than 90% of soldiers are male. She left the military in 2022, and bravely launched a public campaign to demand truth and accountability. The resulting wave of support pushed officials to take action, launching a larger investigation into cases of harassment within the military, and prompted countless other women to come forward with their own stories. In Japanese society, speaking up about sexual violence has long been a taboo, but Rina’s courage has kicked the door open for all survivors.







【速報】元自衛官の五ノ井さん タイム誌による「次世代の100人」に選出


英利アルフィヤ Arfiya Eri|LEADERS

Rare is an understatement for what Arfiya Eri represents in Japan. The member of parliament, who took office in April, marks a sharp break from her peers. In Japan, some 90% of parliamentary or ministerial posts are held by men, the average age of lawmakers is 56, and officials routinely claim the nation is mono­racial. But Eri, 34, is of Uighur-Uzbek heritage and can speak, to varying degrees of fluency, English, Chinese, Uzbek, Turkish, Uighur, and Arabic, in addition to Japanese. Eri has become a champion of diversity in Japan, but she doesn’t want the “old boys’ club” running the country to see her as a threat. She ran within the ruling conservative Liberal Democratic Party, embracing many of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s positions, and enjoying the support of Japan’s popular digital minister Taro Kono. Eri has pitched herself as a bridge to better representation of the country’s true diversity.




英利は日本における多様性のチャンピオンになったが、日本を牛耳る “オールドボーイズクラブ “に脅威と思われることは望んでいない。



2023 TIME 100 NEXT


米タイム誌 2023年の世界で最も影響力のある100人を発表 日本から岸田文雄首相とゲーム開発者の宮崎英高氏を選出


米タイム誌 2023年の次世代の100人を発表

米タイム誌 次世代の100人 2023




Kelsea Ballerini
Tyler James Williams
Stephanie Hsu
Emma Corrin
Maya Hawke
Kali Uchis
Paul Mescal
Julio Torres
Emily Henry
Celine Song
Lily Gladstone
Alex Newell
Corey Hawkins
Lauren Halsey
Noah Kahan
Vinu Daniel
Mona Chalabi




Jalen Hurts
Rachel Zegler
Hailey Bieber
Peso Pluma
Bella Ramsey
Ice Spice
R.F. Kuang
Salma Paralluelo
Alexandra Cooper
Everette Taylor
Xiye Bastida
Grace Wales Bonner
Rose Zhang
Pinky Cole
Sophia Smith
Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy




Mory Sacko
Angel Reese
Ramy Youssef
Metro Boomin
Mae Martin
Ronald Acuña Jr.
Kate Ryder
Mira Murati
Kristen Kish
Isabella Weber
Emily Adams Bode Aujla
Anastasia Volkova
Silver Iocovozzi
Kristina Dahl
Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel
Eriona Hysolli
Renee Wegrzyn
James Maynard
Harmanpreet Kaur




Victor J. Glover, Jr.
Roberta Metsola
Michael Regan
Humza Yousaf
David Moinina Sengeh
Yulia Svyrydenko
David Holt
Melanie Perkins
Pita Limjaroenrat
Sarah Jakes Roberts
Shalanda Young
Toyin Ajayi
J.D. Vance
Arfiya Eri
Megan Davis
Zooey Zephyr
Chiang Wan-an
Anna Paulina Luna
Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas
Balendra Shah
Elly Schlein
Jason Citron
Erika Hilton and Duda Salabert
Chris Pappas




Txai Suruí
Abeba Birhane
Adam Conover
John Chweya
Ghali Amdouni
Cynthia Houniuhi
Dylan Brandt
Nick Higgins
Daria Kaleniuk
Rina Gonoi
Mercy Mutemi
Nabarun Dasgupta
Rikki Held
Duaa Tariq
Yana Zinkevych
Andreas Flouris
Nandita Venkatesan and Phumeza Tisile
Peter Reinhardt


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